Your favourite Excel Critters are back! This time they've stepped up and are vying for your affection with their dance moves. Register below for your chance to WIN* 1 of 3 Excel Dancing Critters.

Introducing: Your Excel Dancing Critter Crew


It's hot, salty and delicious. Who can resist the flavours of Pizza dancing on their tongue? No one. But, when the show is over and you need a refresher, it's time to partner up with Excel.


Is there anything more alluring than a rich, hot cup of Coffee? Now imagine that Coffee dancing. Just for you. Get steamy with your cup of java or joe, without getting burned by bad breath.


It’s so sweet and satisfying. But you really shouldn’t! …Or should you? There’s no shame in satisfying your sweet tooth – just be sure to keep Excel handy, because you can’t dance bad breath away.

There are 2,000 Excel Dancing Critters available to be won*!
If today isn't your lucky day, try again tomorrow.



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