Coffee, Donut…PIZZA?! The Excel plushies are back - and there’s a new bad breath plushie to love. Register below for your chance to WIN* 1 of 3 Excel plushies.

The New Excel Plushie Prize Crew

Introducing Pizza Plushie

Everyone loves Pizza - but nobody loves pizza breath! Go ahead and load up on your favourite (bad breath causing) toppings. Because with Excel as your wingman, you can have fresh, sexy breath and still be the life of the (pizza) party.

Coffee Plushie

Confidently kick-start your morning with a fresh cup of coffee. With Excel in your back pocket, you can keep your breath fresh all day long. No matter how many morning and afternoon coffees you have.

Donut Plushie

Coffee’s partner in crime, Donut tastes sweet going down, but this dynamic duo can leave a sour taste in your mouth. Keep your breath as fresh as a morning baker’s dozen by treating yourself to a post-pastry piece of Excel.

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